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Our priority is to maintain the highest ethical and medical standards while providing a friendly and relaxed environment for your pet in the Camel Valley, California area.

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Vet care can be impersonal and expensive. Your pet is part of your family, but when it comes to their health, you may feel:

  • Stressed at the thought of something going wrong
  • Uncertainty if you don’t know where to turn
  • Confused about preventative care options
  • Skeptical about trusting a new vet
  • Frustrated at the thought of expensive vet bills

At Animal Hospital at Mid Valley - we understand

As pet owners ourselves, we feel a deep love and connection with our own animals.

It's because of our own personal connections with our animals that we strive to provide the highest standard of care possible. We offer a balanced approach to veterinary care, blending traditional veterinary medicine using the latest cutting-edge technology with natural remedies in the Camel Valley, California area.

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Our Veterinary Services in the Camel Valley, California area.

For the best quality of life and potentially a longer life, dogs, cats, and other animals require a comprehensive approach that factors in all of their unique needs. Our animal hospital covers all the essentials and more, including preventative/sick care, dentistry, and surgery in the Camel Valley, California area.

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Consultations and telemedicine

Consultations and telemedicine in the Camel Valley, California area

Not all situations require an in-person visit. So we’re pleased to offer our telemedicine service with Dr. Karl Anderson and his wife Lori Anderson, RVT, for expert guidance from a trusted doctor.


Pet Dentistry Consultations and telemedicine in the Camel Valley, California area

Dental care is essential to the overall health and happiness of your pet. However, minor issues can become advanced and more challenging to treat later. Therefore, we recommend an annual dental exam and biannual dental cleaning to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

Diagnostics Laboratory Imaging

Pet Diagnostics, Laboratory & Imaging in the Camel Valley, California area

We all wish our animals could tell us what’s wrong, but since they can’t, we rely on diagnostic tools like x-rays, ultrasound, lab work, etc. We use the latest veterinary technology to help us diagnose and care for your pet and give the best care possible.


Pet Emergency in the Camel Valley, California area

Emergencies are a frightening experience for both you and your pet. Our goal during these situations is to provide skilled care to your pet and help you and your pet stays calm as we guide you through the emergency.

Geriatric Medicine

Pet Geriatric Medicine in the Camel Valley, California area

As our pets get older, their needs naturally change, just as they do for humans. We’re here to help you navigate these years and provide recommendations for diet, exercise, testing, and more, so your pet is as happy, healthy, and comfortable as possible.

Hospice and end of life care

Pet Hospice and end-of-life care in the Camel Valley, California area

Saying goodbye is not easy. We’re here to guide you through end-of-life decisions for your beloved pet. We’ll do everything we can to provide comfort not only to your pet but also to you. This is not a decision we can make for you, but we will provide you with all of the information so you can make an informed decision for your pet.

Proactive medicine

Pet Proactive medicine in the Camel Valley, California area

Instead of waiting for your pet to get sick, we offer the latest technology to test for issues like cancer, impending kidney disease, and others. We believe in taking veterinary medicine to the next level by offering a proactive approach to your pet’s health and wellness. For example, depending on the age and breed of your animal, there may be certain diseases they are at a higher risk of developing. By utilizing these screening tools, we can detect changes in their health early on. Ask us for a customized quote to screen your pet today.


Pet Surgery in the Camel Valley, California area

Whether your pet needs a spay or neuter or surgery to extend life or provide comfort, we provide state-of-the-art surgical care. In addition, we’ll monitor your pet through every step of the process to make sure they’re comfortable and relaxed and provide follow-up instructions and care for optimal healing.


Pet Therapy laser, supplements, and cannabis/CBD in the Camel Valley, California area

Along with the latest in veterinary technology, at Animal Hospital at Mid Valley, we believe in using the most supportive and safe natural methods for pain management. We evaluate each pet and make recommendations based on the specific needs and health of the animal. A few options that we may recommend are our therapeutic laser, natural supplements, and cannabis or CBD treatment.

Wellness and prevention

Pet Wellness and prevention in the Camel Valley, California area

We recommend yearly wellness exams to ensure your four-legged friend’s longest, healthiest life. This helps us catch changes in your pet’s health early on and address them before they become life-threatening conditions. We also recommend vaccinations to help protect your pet from rabies, distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, and rattlesnake bites.

Pet Convenient Online Pharmacy

Ordering your pet’s medications has never been easier or more convenient!

Our online pharmacy allows you to access the medicine.
your pet needs and have it shipped straight to your door.
We’ll handle the prescriptions for you!


Meet Our Doctor

Now Offering
telemedicine consultation 

Many of our clients know and love Dr. Karl Anderson. We’re excited to announce that Dr. Anderson now offers telemedicine consultations through the clinic!
Whether you’re looking for a second opinion or you have a need that doesn’t require your pet to be seen in person, a telemedicine consult offers expert guidance from a trusted doctor.

What our clients have to say…