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Dogs get toothaches too!

When you have a toothache, you call your dentist, make an appointment, and get it fixed. But what do you do when your dog has a toothache? Or worse, when his dental health causes pain elsewhere that you may not even know about? Your fur baby can’t tell you when he’s in pain, so you must take care of his dental health now to prevent other health issues and severe pain later!

What Causes Dental Health Issues?

Many dogs suffer from dental health problems just like humans. Dental disease is an issue for animals and should be taken as seriously as you take your dental health. Your furry friends can develop dental diseases such as tartar and bacterial build-up as early as three years old. 

How Do Their Teeth Affect Their Overall Health?

When an animal develops dental issues, such as bacteria or plaque build-up, it can spread throughout the body and cause some serious discomfort and pain. When bacteria in the mouth is left untreated, it will begin to absorb into the bloodstream through their gums. That bacteria then spreads throughout their system and can cause inflammation and infection of other organs. 

Signs your pet may be in pain

Our four-legged friends can’t just tell us when they are in pain, and you may not even notice when they are. Animals can show pain differently, but many times you may see that they aren’t acting like themselves. Our animals may present their discomfort by acting irritably, even when doing their favorite activity. They can also become increasingly tired and less energetic, lose their appetite, and turn away food or their favorite chew toys. 

How do we prevent the spread of disease in our animals?

The first step in taking care of your animals’ dental needs is to bring them in for a check-up! You should bring your pet every 3 to 6 months for oral care, and prevention doesn’t stop there. Taking care of their teeth at home will help prevent build-up that causes disease and painful inflammation. You brush your kid’s teeth, so do the same for your animals. Next, ask your vet about the appropriate products to use for your animal to keep their gums and teeth healthy and happy!  Not all over the counter products that claim to help pet’s teeth actually work.  In fact, some are downright dangerous.  We have reviewed the evidence and have found the truly effective and safe products to help your pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy.  Ask us for a consultation and customized list of home dental health care tools today.

So remember, your pet’s teeth are equally as important as yours! Take care of them the same way you would a child (because, let’s be honest, they are your child) and bring them in for cleanings and oral care advice. Doing this will help prevent the spread of bacteria, which may cause inflammation and pain. 

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