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While brushing your pet’s teeth may not be the most fun or leisurely activity, home dental care is a must! While you might not realize it, your animal’s health can be significantly impacted by the cleanliness of its teeth! Therefore, making sure to take care of their dental health is a must for a long, happy, and healthy life. 

How do the teeth affect the heart?

Your Fur baby’s teeth significantly impact their physical health, and I’m not just talking about their mouth. Animals with poor dental hygiene develop diseases that can spread throughout their bodies. For example, if bacteria builds up in their mouth and isn’t taken care of, it can spread through their bloodstream to essential organs like the heart. This can lead to severe heart disease that will affect their overall health. 

What Animals Are at Risk?

Unfortunately, our four-legged friends are at risk of heart issues due to a lack of dental care. However, some are more susceptible than others. First, dogs are more vulnerable to heart issues due to a lack of dental care; however, it is also possible for cats to be affected. Medium to large dog breeds, like golden retrievers, border collies, labradors, or any dogs between 30 to 70 pounds, are the most at risk. 

How Can You Keep Your Animals Healthy?

Dental care is a crucial part of keeping your furry friends healthy. You see a doctor for checkups, and your pets should be too! Preventing your pet from getting severe health conditions, like heart diseases, can be as easy as bringing them in for checkups and cleaning their teeth. 

Your animal’s dental health may dictate its heart health. So remember to clean your fur baby’s teeth and bring them to the vet for checkups to prevent dental diseases from spreading to their heart. Call today for a dental evaluation, and let us walk you through the best preventative dental tips for your pet!

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